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Create a Wireless Network - 04 Apr 2019 12:32


Thanks to the wireless network, you can easily share your internet access, printers and media without cable. Establishing a wireless network is usually very easy and it is becoming more common to do this at your home or small office. best WiFi names The big thing about wireless networks is that you can extend your existing network with wireless features.

At least Windows XP Service Pack 2 is recommended if you want to use the wireless network. When not necessary, it can make connecting wireless networks much easier. In addition, some security issues have been resolved with this security pack

The first step in establishing a wireless network is to get the right equipment. There are many options depending on your current setup. If you currently use Job Cable, then you only need a broadband router. However, if you use normal broadband ADSL-style (common in the UK), then you need to make sure that you buy a router with ADSL modem. The router now connects to the Internet and allows other devices to connect wirelessly. First, if you are used to dial dial-up connections, you will not have to do this further if your computer is connected to the router, and you will automatically connect to the internet.

To connect to your wireless router, it should be straightforward. If you use the CD provided by the router, you will be guided through a quick setup. If you are in a cable system or have disconnected your previous broadband modem and entered your settings in a new router, then you have to connect your existing modem to the router. You should have a blur that tells you about the position of the router. This router is different from the router. Please follow your instructions.

As mentioned earlier, the CD with router is the best way to quickly create a safe, active wireless network. However, if you are like me, you want to find out the settings of the router to organize it yourself. Here are some common words that you can not get.

- SSID - This is the name of your network. Choose something special because it usually displays the router name manufacturer. best WiFi names If you are trying to find a router from your computer, you need to determine which name your router is for.

- WEP or WPA is a type of security encryption that is used to prevent others from accessing your Internet connection. In WPA, you can usually use an attractive word to use a password, while WEPs are likely to have random numbers and letters generated.

- Administrator password - this is actually the only password to access your router's management. If someone is not already connected to your router, they will not be able to change the settings. If you use password here, make sure it is a little memorable because you may not have access to the administrator after accessing it.

Now your router is set up and you need to know how to connect a computer to a computer. It is very easy to do. If your computer has a wireless technology, make sure it is turned on. If not, then include your wireless device in the appropriate port.

Someone should see a Wi-Fi icon in the lower left corner of the clock. Right click here and find the wireless network within the range.

In the box that appears, you should see a list of your network network that your computer has found. Because nowadays wireless technology is popular, it is common for neighbors to see different router here.

This list should show the name that is already registered as an SSID. Double click on it. Now you should ask your WPA or WPA key - enter it.

You should now be connected. Download your favorite internet browser. You should be able to surf on a specific page. Congratulations - you've successfully setup your WLAN! - Comments: 0

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